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The new DC circuit breaker as in the Jiangsu people's electr

The new DC circuit breaker as in the Jiangsu people's electr

                       The new DC circuit breaker as in the Jiangsu people's electrical

       The people of Jiangsu Electric is the manufacturer of low-voltage electrical appliances to circuit breaker ( TX7 ), DC circuit breaker, molded case circuit breaker ( TM1 ), ( DZ47 ) miniature circuit breaker, leakage circuit breaker ( DZ47LE ), ( TW1 ) circuit breaker, range, and providing the latest product prices, real time query function.

      Compared to the same period last year, in 2013, Jiangsu people's electrical new series DC products, and the auxiliary function components and electrical accessory design of DC circuit breaker.

      TX7 and DZ47 series circuit breaker electrical accessories auxiliary function element is my company specifically for the TX7 series circuit breaker in the electrical design, such as lines or home furnishing, buildings, can choose electrical accessories and TX7 series circuit breaker with different according to the need, in order to realize remote tripping circuit breaker control, joint state indicator, provide the alarm signal and the line under-voltage protection function.

The new auxiliary function components:

TX7-OF auxiliary switch

TX7-OF ( L7-OF ) auxiliary contact

TX7-SD alarm auxiliary switch

TX7-MX shunt switch

Over-voltage protection accessories TX7-GYQ

TX7-GY overvoltage protection accessories

TX7-GQ under-voltage protection accessories

DZ47-OF auxiliary switch

DZ47-SD switch

DZ47-MX shunt switch

DZ47-MX+OF shunt auxiliary switch

Over-voltage protection accessories DZ47-GYQ

DZ47-GQ overvoltage protection accessories

DZ47-GY under-voltage protection accessories

C65-OF auxiliary switch

C65-SD switch

C65-MX shunt switch

C65-MV overvoltage protection accessories

C65-MN under-voltage protection accessories

Over-voltage protection accessories C65-MVN

The new DC products:

TX7-63Z/1P DC circuit breaker

TX7-63Z/2P DC circuit breaker

TM1Z-100/2P DC circuit breaker

TM1Z-100/3P DC circuit breaker

TM1Z-100/4P DC circuit breaker

TM1Z-225/3P DC circuit breaker

TM1Z-225/4P DC circuit breaker

TM2Z-100/3P DC circuit breaker

TX65LE-2P DC leakage circuit breaker

TX65-1P DC circuit breaker

TX65-2P DC circuit breaker

TX65-3P DC circuit breaker

TX65-4P DC circuit breaker

TX7H-2P DC circuit breaker

TX7HZ-2P DC circuit breaker


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